February 29, 2012

Catch up!

Totally sucking recently. I know. I know.

The Bachelor is winding down.

The Bachelorette is starting up.

I had a “if you see something, say something” moment where I called to report suspicious activity [read: a strange man leaving strange looking bags in a porta potty near the Kodak Theater]. The cops said he was “probably setting up for the Oscars, cause that’s going to be a big party!” Sweet. I did my civic duty, and though I hate to be proved wrong, I am glad that the vast majority of Hollywood including some friends and coworkers did not blow up on Sunday.

Speaking of, the Oscars happened, which technically I have nothing to do with, but it is my department so ya know—puts things on edge.

Coworker Amy had a birthday. Lots of day drinking. I accosted Annaleigh Ashford in the bathroom at The Den and geeked out a little bit. After I went on a rambling, “I’ve followed your career for awhile. I think you’re fantastic…” she very seriously said, “Oh my God, I thought you were kidding at first.” I get starstruck by (almost) unknowns.

My little man turned 3.

My main man turned 30.

I’m pretty sure it’s almost spring, but it was in the 40’s this morning in LA.  What the what.

Here’s a picture from J’s 30th.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

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