October 16, 2012

For everyone who has asked me about Emily and Jef recently…

It’s true.

I’m sad guys. I really liked them together. I have no further inside info to add.

But I do already have my favorites on Sean’s season!

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15 Notes

  1. graceinplace said: this is probably the saddest i’ve been over a bachelorette split up!!
  2. agirlinsandiego said: I prefer JP and Ashley! They’re so cute… Emily & Jef, meh… no love lost for me. Interested in seeing how the December wedding will be!
  3. baucomblog said: SADDDD
  4. colormecozy said: So sadddddd, M.
  5. alliinminny said: No! Really?!
  6. heelsandhardhat said: :(
  7. tinsely posted this
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